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For the last two decades, I have had the opportunity as a compounding pharmacist and educator to help hundreds of women negatively impacted by the symptoms of hormone imbalance. For many their pre-therapy symptoms were so severe that their quality of life had been drastically affected as well as the quality of their families’ lives. I heard post therapy comments that included: “bio-identical hormones have made such a difference in my life”, “I’ve got my life back” and “I feel like myself again”.

Bio Identical hormone replacement therapy has been significant in providing relief to the thousands of women who suffer through menopausal transitions and hormonal changes. It has been so rewarding for me to play a role in providing advice that deals with the causation of the problem and offers life-altering relief. Although more and more women are giving bio identical hormone replacement therapy a chance, the fear of BHRT as a result of misinformation has left many women in an increasingly aging population suffering from the symptoms of hormonal change.

Empowered patients (patients that have taken the initiative to investigate BHRT) have been the impetus for many physicians to seek out a more in depth understanding of BHRT. Mounting evidence in both the fields of biochemistry and pharmacology has convinced professionals that BHRT is a safe and effective option for this population.

Educating patients and the medical community about BHRT has made a critical difference in its growing acceptance and that is why we have decided to designate this separate website for the purpose of informing and engaging with people on this important subject.

To BHRT or not to BHRT

Hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, irritability, foggy thinking and sleep problems are just a few of the symptoms that can stem from an imbalance of hormones during the transition to peri menopause and menopause. Bio identical hormone replacement therapy addresses the symptoms by rebalancing your body with hormones that have an identical molecular structure to those manufactured by the human body.

Every woman’s state is different and has its own required symphony of interrelated hormones to create hormonal harmony. The role of the pharmacist with the help of the physician and patient is to determine that particular harmony in order to produce the best possible outcome.

Wellness is not just about using hormones when they are required, it’s also about proper nutrition, necessary supplementation and appropriate exercise. Healthy digestion and stress control are the pillars at the starting gate of healthful living.

Pharmaceutical medications although sometimes necessary are quite often introduced prematurely without addressing the cause of a particular symptom or illness. An holistic approach can quite often avoid the use of drugs. When medications are necessary, supplementation with the proper nutrients that these medications deplete by virtue of their actions and interactions, can keep their use to a minimum and prevent the introduction of new symptoms.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance, please take the time to read through this website. It may lead you to have even more questions and that is expected and welcomed.

We encourage you to book a consultation with us to discuss how nutritional supplements and customized BHRT can help manage your symptoms safely and effectively.

Physiological changes are complex. Haber's Compounding Pharmacy has been on the front lines of supporting women through menopausal changes with an holistic approach.

Through our dedication to lifelong learning and collaboration with patients and physicians alike we have amassed a wealth of information in managing symptoms of menopause and hormonal imbalance. We strive to continue to be a major source of information for managing these symptoms.

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