What is Bioidentical Estrogen?

Bioidentical estrogen is estrogen that is manufactured to be exactly the same molecular structure that the human body produces. The precursor molecule is extracted from a natural source, either soy or yam. The human body does not have the enzymes necessary to convert this natural product so it has to be converted in a lab.

The most studied and prevalent estrogens are estrone, estradiol, and estriol. Estradiol produces the strongest estragenic effect in the body. When there is an overabundance of estradiol it is stored in fat tissue as estrone. Estriol is a very weak estrogen produced by the metabolism of estradiol and estrone

Functions of Estrogen (when balanced)

Testing for Estrogen

Estradiol and estrone both can be tested in the blood or saliva. If one is not supplementing with estrogen the results should be similar. If one is supplementing with transdermal or transvaginal estrogen, blood tests will underestimate the levels compared to salivary results. All three estrogens can be tested in urine. Urine testing is usually done over a 24 hour time period. Urine tries to indicate the total amount of hormone produced in a day by looking at all of that hormone’s breakdown products (metabolites) being eliminated over that day.

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