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During 20 years of clinical practice, Marvin has adopted a successful, holistic approach to supporting healthy hormonal balance, including:
  • Medical-grade nutritional supplements to ensure your body has the necessary nutrients, some of which are not met through diet alone
  • Working with your General Practitioner to prescribe customized doses of Bio Identical hormones to maintain your most optimal balance of hormones
  • Dietary changes to satisfy your body’s real requirements
  • Stress control and regular, weight -bearing exercise to help control cortisol levels to help your body deal with the demands you place on it and to manage risks of developing osteoporosis.
Through supporting thousands of women suffering from hormonal imbalance, we’ve learned that these supports eliminate or significantly reduce even the most severe symptoms of hormonal imbalances for most women.

The Triad of Care


Our successful approach is the result of both our dedication to lifelong learning through attending international seminars AND working within what we like to refer to as, the Triad model of care. The triad model simply means that there is continuous feedback between the Patient, Physician and Pharmacist. This is particularly valuable when the goal is to achieve a custom approach for every client – Everyone has their own balance. Commonly, clients provide feedback to the pharmacist on their custom compounded medications.

This feedback inform us to the clients’ symptoms or idiosyncrasies. Our pharmacist, in turn, suggests solutions, for example different dosages, forms of medication, application of medication etc. This information is provided to the patients’ physician in a collaborative manner, which ultimately provides a cumulative learning opportunity to the pharmacist, patient and physician.

With over two decades of these collaborative learning experiences we have been able to build upon a wealth of knowledge and offer solutions that have kept us on the forefront of the compounding field.

Ontario College of Pharmacists Certificate of Accreditation #3061
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