Hormones & Cancer


Breast Cancer and Bio-identical Hormones

Despite their sex hormones existing at much higher levels when they are younger, women are not particularly at risk for hormonally induced breast cancer until they enter perimenopause and menopause. The reason being that at a younger age hormone levels are balanced with higher estrogen, higher progesterone, and higher testosterone.

Certainly decisions about bio-identical hormone replacement should be taken very seriously. However the priority should be on regaining balance. In so doing you will reduce the risks associated with hormonal imbalance although the risks involving environmental, stress and lifestyle issues will have to also be addressed.

Unfortunately the use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy has received unfair and biased criticism based on out-dated protocols of hormone replacement therapy that utilize non human bio-identical hormones and analogues.

By deciding to use bio-identical hormones instead of hormone analogues, you will avoid contending with the risks of foreign substances (i.e. synthetic analogues) in your body.

That synthetic progesterone analogues contains a molecule that is supposed to do the job of natural progesterone but is significantly different and has been shown to interfere with a number of the positive effects of estrogen and has induced many negative effects such as increased risk of breast cancer as well as cardiovascular disease.

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