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Haber’s Compounding Pharmacy

Every patient has their own unique requirements, their own levels of balance, idiosyncrasies and physiological responses. This is the core principle behind not only Bio Identical Replacement Therapy but other proactive, integrative treatments, which impacts virtually all medical fields where a one size fits all approach is insufficient.

As a compounding pharmacy, we are experts at customizing medications so that they are made specifically for your requirements, an essential pre-requisite for satisfying unique levels of hormonal balance. We can customize a medications delivery form (oral, sublingual, transdermal cream, pump, topiclick, troche, spray, sterile vial etc.) and dosage. Our compounding services are also used in circumstances where a medication is no longer commercially available because of insufficient demand or because a particular medication cannot be patented by a pharmaceutical company. As well, we are accustomed to being on the forefront of medicine by supplying opinion leading physicians at hospitals within the University Health Network, with compounded preparations for clinical trials and/or surgical procedures.

When we are consulting with a client for a particular issue, we often learn about other medical issues. We are able to add value to the client by sharing our knowledge and experience of custom medications across a wide breadth of medical specialties. We compound ophthalmic preparations, dental formulations, pediatric formulations, podiatry formulations, sports medicine formulations, dermatology formulations and the list goes on…

We have over 22 years of experience compounding medications. During that time we have always strived to work with the whole person, rather than focusing solely on medications. Optimal health means more than the absence of disease – it means disease prevention. That’s why our in-depth consultations are based not only on the core principles of pharmacy, but on those of nutrition and medicine as well.

Ontario College of Pharmacists Certificate of Accreditation #3061
Haber's Compounding Pharmacy
1584 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5P 3H3
Manager: Marvin Malamed B.Sc. Pharm.
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