What is Bioidentical Testosterone

Bioidentical testosterone is testosterone that is manufactured to be exactly the same molecular structure that the human body produces. The precursor molecule is extracted from a natural source, either soy or yam. The human body does not have the enzymes necessary to convert this natural product so it has to be converted in a lab.

Function and Effects of Testosterone

Women produce 90% less testosterone than men. It stimulates growth of pubic and underarm hair. Testosterone increases sex drive, energy and muscle mass. It increases your sense of well-being, self-confidence and motivation. It helps maintain memory and decrease body fat. Testosterone decreases bone deterioration and helps maintain bone strength.

Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency

Muscle wasting and decline in muscle tone despite adequate calorie and protein intake. Weight gain, fatigue, low self-esteem, mild depression, anxiety, hypersensitive and hyperemotional states, a decrease in HDL, and sex drive, dry and thinning skin and hair, and loss of pubic hair can all be caused by low testosterone levels.

Symptoms of Testosterone Excess

Anxiety, depression, changes in memory, fatigue, hypoglycemia, salt and sugar cravings, agitation, anger, facial hair, acne and oily skin, increase in insulin resistance, decrease in HDL, irregular menstruation, infertility, weight gain, fluid retention, mood swings, hair loss, and an increase risk in breast cancer.

Testing for Testosterone

Testosterone can be tested in the blood, saliva or urine. If one is not supplementing with testosterone the results should be similar. If one is supplementing with transdermal or transvaginal testosterone, blood tests will underestimate the levels compared to salivary results. Urine testing can be used to determine the amount of testosterone metabolized over a given period of time. A 24 hour urine test is a better indicator of the total amount of testosterone produced over a 24 hour period, whereas blood and saliva tests are more indicative of the levels at that point in time.
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